Our Expertise


  • We believe in taking care of you as a “whole person” throughout the treatment process.
  • Our latest and innovative equipment assures healing most naturally.
  • We craft treatment plans for each patient as per individual requirements for a speedy recovery.
  • Our team of expert physiotherapists guides our patients thoroughly to achieve desired results in minimal time.
  • Our evidence-based approach to treating any ailment is backed by thorough research for assured outcomes.
  • We are committed to rendering superior quality preoperative and post-operative physiotherapy services to all disciplines.
  • Our team is dedicated to educating all our patients well to regain strength, movements, and functions in a minimum period.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Don’t let your age define your level of fitness. We understand that it becomes increasingly challenging to keep your functional mobility levels.

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Neurological Rehab

We help you to improve your mobility that is impaired by certain neurological conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, etc.

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Orthopedic Rehab

One of the major concerns in our older adults is musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis.

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Pulmonary Rehab

Studies suggest that pulmonary rehabilitation, including exercise training for at least 4 weeks, has been shown to improve shortness of breath, quality of life, and strategies for coping with respiratory/pulmonary conditions like COPD.

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Amputation Rehab

Amputations may occur due to various reasons. Loss of a limb can not only increase physical challenges of an individual but also can increase psychological stress.

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Diabetic Rehab

Diabetes is a condition generally encountered in our older adults which makes the body not produce or properly use insulin hormone responsible for the proper metabolism of blood glucose in our body.

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Fall Prevention Programs

Falls are one of the common and significant problems encountered in our older adults leading to injuries such as fractures, muscle tears, sprains, and even sometime head injury.

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Cardiac Rehab

Do you have a cardiac issue such as high blood pressure? Heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, is any disease that involves the blood vessels in the heart, limbs, or brain.

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PT for General Deconditioning

According to the ACSM, two weeks without exercise can lead to significant loss of cardiovascular fitness. Two to eight months of detraining can erase virtually all of your gains.

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Post-COVID Rehab (Long COVID)

Post-COVID or Long-COVID is a condition that is encountered in people who suffered a COVID19 infection and the physical well-being has been significantly deteriorated even after the recovery from the infection.

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Senior Fitness Programs

Physical therapy is a great resource for those interested in beginning a new exercise program or overcoming a nagging injury.

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Post-Surgical Rehab

We understand that undergoing a surgical procedure can cause you to lose your strength and mobility.



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