Fall Prevention and Balance Training

Falls are one of the common and significant problems encountered in our older adults leading to injuries such as fractures, muscle tears, sprains, and even sometimes head injuries. Usually, older adults above the age of 60 years are at higher risk of falls. However, other individuals may also experience the risk of falls. So, a fall prevention program becomes important. The primary objective of fall prevention programs is to prevent and reduce the number of falls among senior people. The programs focus on addressing the different factors that increase the chances of falling and getting injured.

Rehab Planet, Physical Therapy, and Wellness is a well-recognized provider of fall prevention programs. We also provide an excellent balance training in Keller to reduce the chances of falling and getting injured. Our therapists help you to regain your sense of balance and coordination to prevent falls. Our specialized and tailored programs are designed to help you to improve your balance and improve your independence.


Who Requires Fall Prevention Programs

Individuals who are above the age of 60 years usually require our special fall prevention program. Apart from them, people living with some kind of disability may also require fall prevention programs. Other factors that increase the risk of falling include:

  • Neurological deficits
  • Balance disorder
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Depression
  • Muscle weaknesses
  • Visual deficits
  • Cardiovascular deficits
  • Gait disorder
  • Arthritis

Individuals experiencing any of the above issues can be benefited from the fall prevention programs.


A Team of Specialists

At Rehab Planet, Physical Therapy, and Wellness, we have a team of expert professionals who specialize in delivering fall prevention programs to patients. Our specialists have experience in delivering appropriate balance training in Keller to minimize the chances of falls. We focus on decreasing, managing, or completely eliminating the risks of falling. Our professionals are committed to creating a safe environment for senior individuals.

We will closely evaluate the patients and determine the risks or chances of falling. On the basis of the evaluation made by our experts, we provide personalized plans to the patients. We are dedicated to meeting the specific treatment needs of different patients.


Our Fall Prevention Programs

Rehab Planet, Physical Therapy, and Wellness provides a wide range of fall prevention programs to people who are at risk of falling. Our fall prevention program mainly includes:


Balance Training

The lack of proper coordination and balance is one of the most common causes that increase the risk of falls. We aim to reduce the risk by providing balance training to the individuals. Balance training is mainly for people who have fallen several times in the past and have the risk of falling again. Such risk often gives rise to fear of falling in the minds of people and reduces their activities. We help individuals to overcome such fear of falling and enable them to learn ways of minimizing the chances of falling. Our specialists set realistic goals for the patients and assist them in increasing their balance significantly.


Strength Training

Lack of strength is another common cause leading to the risk of falling. We recommend several exercises to help individuals build strength and lower their chances of falling. We focus on increasing the stamina of our patients and enhancing their mobility and flexibility. We enable our patients to perform all their daily activities independently without much problem. Through our fall prevention program, we empower individuals to lead productive and comfortable life.



Apart from our custom fall prevention and balance training in Dallas and Fort Worth, we also educate our patients about the different ways that can help in reducing the risks of falls. We make all the important information and resources relating to fall prevention readily available to the patients.

Want to reduce your chances of falling? Avail of the assistance of our expert professionals!

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