Diabetic Rehab

Diabetes is a condition generally encountered in our older adults which makes the body not produce or properly use insulin hormone responsible for the proper metabolism of blood glucose in our body. This condition brings many consequences including muscle weakness. It can also be a predisposing factor for other associated complications such as wounds, stroke and heart attack to mention a few. Physical exercises are proved to help lower the blood glucose levels and your physical therapist can help you to build a customized program depending on your situation. Physical therapy can also help you to improve your mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, activity tolerance for you to improve your quality of life.

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John Elkart

“Pradeep is warm and caring with an excellent skill of providing physical therapy to the older adults.”


Sarah Smith

“Getting the therapy services one-on-one at the convenience of my home was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to relate the workouts directly to my living environment.”