Post-COVID Rehab

Post-COVID or Long-COVID is a condition that is encountered in people who suffered a COVID19 infection and the physical well-being has been significantly deteriorated even after the recovery from the infection. The number of long-COVID cases have been increasing. The symptoms include but not limited to excess fatigue, shortness of breath, increased heart rate/palpitations, dizziness, muscle aches and pain, decreased mental sharpness, poor activity tolerance, and problems completing activities of daily living. Our therapists can not only help you to address these symptoms, but also your overall physical ability levels and quality of life.

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John Elkart

“Pradeep is warm and caring with an excellent skill of providing physical therapy to the older adults.”


Sarah Smith

“Getting the therapy services one-on-one at the convenience of my home was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to relate the workouts directly to my living environment.”