What to Do After and Before a Joint Replacement Surgery?

What to Do After and Before a Joint Replacement Surgery?

October 14, 2022

If you are someone suffering from joint pain and difficulties in mobility, going for joint replacement may be the right decision. Joint replacement surgery helps in replacing damaged joints for better mobility and freedom. After a joint replacement surgery, it is important to go for physical therapy before and after joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement therapy has a long recovery phase that is accelerated with the help of physical therapy. There are many ways that physical therapy helps before and after joint replacement. In this blog, you will learn of the recommendations made by professional therapists for joint replacement therapy.

Before the surgery

Before the surgery, physical therapy might teach the patient some important exercises for joint replacement surgery. This will improve the flexibility and strength of the joint muscles so that the person feels better leading up to the surgery.

The physical therapist will tell you how to act with the help of assistance and regain your mobility slowly. Many people need assistive devices like walkers after joint replacement surgery. The surgery specialist and the physiotherapist shows you the way to use such assistive devices.

You can also get knowledge about the assistance you will need around your home after the surgery. On the other hand, the physiotherapist will also tell you about the many precautions that you have to take so that the muscles and joints do not get damaged or irritated.

Before the joint replacement surgery, you might need to reduce your weight so that stress on your joints reduces. This ensures that you recover from the surgery fast. The loss of weight can also help you regain joint function very fast.

On the other hand, another adjustment that you have to make before the surgery is to stop smoking. The healing process after the surgery accelerates when you are not smoking regularly.

After surgery

Before, physical therapy after joint replacement surgery, there are some steps you need to take. The physical therapist offers you guidance on applying ice, elevating legs and using compression wraps to reduce pain and accelerate recovery. Apart from physical therapy after joint replacement surgery, you can also go for some breathing exercises and some low mobility exercises that help you shift from chair to bed and vice versa.

The joint replacement physical therapy in Dallas from physiotherapists also helps you take up some range of motion exercises and balance training exercises. This will help you move about with ease very soon.

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